Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Saturday, 25 March 2017

We have no idea if the squirrels are happy. Or / if anyone is.

Human supremacy is
assuming the squirrels are happy.

We have no idea
if the squirrels are

having a good time,
if anyone is.

Sometimes I struggle
to find an outfit
that matches  the day.
So far
my best option
smells like the thrift store.

Now that I’m going off Prozac,
I think someone else
might have to
take out
the recycling.

Hormone curation,
myoclonic jerks.
These seem fewer,
but I feel more inclined
to be grumpy.

When I get old,
I hope there is time
to watch the squirrels
carry bagels
across telephone wires.
Telephone wires,
and clotheslines,
though by then all the telephone wires
will be buried underground.  

Who knows what will happen to the clotheslines.
Time for the squirrels,
and a window.
And jigsaw puzzles.
I will not die of loneliness,
but this may seem surprising.

We have no idea
if the squirrels are happy.
if anyone is.

The End.

This outfit matches the day
better than the others.
It does not smell
like the thrift store.

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