Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Friday, 3 March 2017

I do not feel like a strong body

I do not feel
Like a strong body.

This morning I tried
on the tie-dye pants,
a tiny Asian size.

Then I took a picture
And weighed myself.

This was a mistake.
Why did I do that?

The tie-dye pants, not today.
Today they did not
seem to fit.
I frame myself
as this

Cause then
I'm allowed
to fuck up
and cry
As hard as I feel.

If only my biceps
were not so convincing
to everyone
but me.

When's the last time
you felt proud
for being intelligent
and strong?

Oh no,
is the answer.

That's what I thought.

The End.

And oh well.
The Hell with That.
The Future seems bright enough
More or Less.

"Whatever Else Poetry Is Freedom."

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