Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Sunday, 12 March 2017

What was great about yesterday.

What was great
about yesterday:
Minus 18 degrees.
Minus even colder than fuck
With the wind chill.

I woke up,
Meditated with a book on my head,
And balanced my various spines
In ways that felt
And interesting.

Lay down and listened
To Krista Tippet
interview Matthew Sanford,
a yoga teacher
who became a paraplegic
when he was thirteen years old.

 All my life,
(And I don’t know why),
I've been terrified
of spinal cord injuries
while also incredibly fascinated
to hear the stories
of those who find themselves
with such an experience.

What I learned from Matthew
is that even when faced
with unimaginable
and loss,
Your body will never desert you.

In the meantime,
there is likely
not much use
to fretting over
the specific way
your cells may
or may not

Krista Tippet’s voice
is soothing and compassionate,
filled with love
and exquisite curiosity.

seems to be
the next big thing.

As for this Saturday,
the morning’s
next big item
was mailing tie-dyed t. shirts
at the post office.

The post office provides
a tangible adult activity
that makes me feel smug
and brings deep satisfaction

Further smugness awaited
at the Renaissance
of Plaza St-Hubert.
where me
and Maxine,
the belov-ed,
foraged through aisles
of astonishing clothing
and emerged
with astonishing bargains.


the Jean Talon market
welcomed me
for apple and
root vegetable shopping;

The market is always
so happy to see me,
withholding judgment
even though I hate cooking.

The vegetables
would not need
that night
because my sweet Caroline
had invited me for dinner.

Over pasta we discussed
all our favourites:
Dead Inside Men,
Attachment Wounds,
Youtube Astrologers,
The Bachelor,
Preparing for the future,
Climate Change,
Plus all the virtues
Of culinary rebellion.

Throughout all the evening
the joy was unrestrained.

Sweet Caroline and I
both believe
in the radical act
of walking
through all weather.

From Rosemont to Mile End,
we entered the wind chill,
colder than fuck
or worse.

At Cagibi,
we recovered our strength
over peanut butter squares,
highly sophisticated,
and impressively surpassing
our geriatric bedtimes.

Thank you, World,
and March 11th
for this beautiful day.

“What was great about today,
And yesterday”
Was inspired by Guru Bram Levinson.

Last week I wrote to Bram
with bitter baggage
about how my family
longed for me to go
to what I had facetiously named
the three-day Oppressive
Happiness Seminar,
because I was not
fulfilling what could be
my Enormous Potential.

Bram was not
entirely convinced
that the (O).
contained all the answers,

And from what I understood,
It seems
I could
The (O).
And still remain
a relatively
reasonable person.

 Relieved, I asked,
“But, Guru Bram,
Do tell!
If not the (O).
Then what
Is your secret to

Said G.B.
“Authenticity, service.
Keep it positive
And never contribute
To the stream of negative
That seems to be

Clearly I will fail
at this most of the time.
But here is what was great
About yesterday.

And in the days that come
Whenever I fail,
I will try to fail with love
And fail funnier.

The End.

On Being with Krista Tippet and Matthew Sanford
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Bram Levinson's Book, The Examined Life 

Here I am
the Vagina Dress
in February.

Not everyone understands
why I call it
the Vagina Dress.

In case it sparks joy
the dress is for sale.

It might also double
as a skirt
with a very forgiving waist.

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