Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Mourning, Wailing, Yearning, Wake up

Wake up.

Vincent called me in September.
He sounded
quite sad
on the phone.

I thought,
"A sad therapist.
this will be easy."

I don't think
I have good
professional boundaries.
I'm also pretty sure
I want to be an artist.

What does it mean
to be an artist?

My goals in life are
long-term sources of intimacy,
long term sources of sex,
a strong mind,
a healed body.
What is a cervical orgasm?

Vincent's office
has no windows.
Hating myself is
part of my charm.

More therapists
than you'd imagine,
are actually
quite sad.
As they say,
this breaks my heart.
(Or maybe I
should become a therapist.)

I wouldn't mind being
a little bit famous
but I like
when life 
is simple.

For example,
I love you.
For example:
she weeps when
he enters her.

Mourning, wailing, yearning, wake up.
I really want people to see me.

My goals in life are
deep love for all my cells,
a cleared and clear and generous heart,

The government is always
running out of money.
After our last session
I cried in
the elevator.

All my life I've wished
I was tiny
and adorable.
Oh well.

I think I am tannée
of this eternal vow of poverty.
But I like
when life
is simple.

Last Saturday
I saw Vincent
on the corner
of Beaubien and Boyer Street.

I always wondered
what Vincent did on Saturdays.

He was walking with a small-sized woman
with curly hair.
I was listening to a podcast about orgasmic meditation
and considering how
the recent breakthroughs
in my life
rather tenuous.

Vincent winked and crossed the street.
I went
to the market
to buy apples.

The End.

My friend Jeff
invited me to his birthday party
I was quite pleased with how my outfit turned out.

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