Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Friday, 21 April 2017

Three Quickies, including, I still wish I was Miranda July

I saw Vincent, Robbie and
the Married Man*
floating amidst
my mitochondria** and
Golgi Apparatus**

Some people they
end up
in your cells.
Who put them
Oh I think
it was me.

Asterixes from the Title:

*Also, I dreamt that the Married Man sent me a video of his hot and edgy wife with excellent legs dancing on a stage in tie-dyed pants with her (and the Married Man's) perfect and perfectly dancing children.
she's not as obnoxious
as I made her out to be,"
was what
the Married Man wrote.

**Two of the only parts of the cell I remember from Grade Nine Science class beyond the cell membrane and the nucleus. My teacher's name was Ms. Rumball and she called my mom to tell me how loved the cell model I made out of paper maché. It was all her favourite colours, purple, turquoise and teal.
I really really really
love purple too.

On Not Using Brand-Named Q-Tips

I composted
the clumps of
toilet paper
with ear wax.

I still wish I
was Miranda

What does it mean
to take care
of someone?
What does it mean
to be seen
All my life
is a physical outlet.
I still wish
I was Miranda.

The End.

Don't forget
there's a tie-dye sale

On the Yard Sale Strip
of Bernard
between Waverly and St. Urbain.
9ish to 4ish
Earth Day, April 22
Free Cookies.

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