Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Saturday, 21 January 2017

I Do Not Know How To Fulfill My Enormous Potential

I Do Not Know How to Fulfill My Enormous Potential.

Two titles for Unwritten Books:

"How to Fulfill Your Enormous Potential."

"I Don’t Let Go, the Sequel to the Only Self-Help Book You Ever Needed."
Erica J. Schmidt Does Not Let Go. I do not.

All the books are about the Two Stubborn Parts.
One Stubborn Part says, “You will fail all the life report cards.” The check marks will fall on the most mediocre boxes. She did not fulfill, and she was not fulfilled.

Stubborn Part Two says, “Please let me be Okay As Is. I want this desperately. Long for it. Okay As Is, OAI equals Enough.”
You don’t need to be Coherent. You don’t need to Manifest Aspirations. We’re just happy you’re still alive.

Did I love the Married Man as soon as I met him? No.
Am I ovulating? Yes.

Sometimes there is no space around how you are feeling. I tend to melt down every Monday and Friday. Mostly I’m just about done before noon.
The Astrologist who doesn’t want to be my Cuddle Friend suggests that I rename my meltdowns.

Name your Wounds. Rename your Meltdowns. Meltdown equals A Rebirth.
So you’re reborn every Monday and Friday? And why not.

Is Irving Layton dead yet? What will Obama do now?
Oh Irving. Oh Leonard. Oh Margaret and Obama.
Oh and oh and oh.

And oh.
I am not focussing on the breath behind my navel. I am holding the Sharpie. They run out so quickly.

Vincent is my therapist and he had never heard the English phrase, Navel Gazing. All this time did he think it was Belly Button Gazing?
Sharpie outlines Sex and Self-Esteem/Navel Chakras
How old is Vincent and what does he do on Saturdays?
Privacy. Pathology.

The clotheslines are on Sabbatical. I think I will lie down and stare at them. Are they in the grey skies, or below?
Pre-Sabbatical Clotheslines
Most people don’t get to fulfill their innermost potential.
They feel hungry and tired and lonely and horny and poor.
They feel these things, or they are these things.

They do not get to vacillate between lattes.
The End.
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