Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Thursday, 26 January 2017

His name used to be Generic. And at some point we'll need to review the Operating Costs.

Ankles, wrists, arms and legs.
I think I have a fever.
No news from Michael What-To-Do
Last Tuesday we gave each other head.
I offer a comforting presence.
Though I'm lively and dynamic most of the time.
His name used to be Generic.
And at some point we'll need
To review the Operating Costs.
What I saw was a House,
An organization.
It's true that this friendship has brought an amazing amount. 

The greatest discovery was
This incredibly charismatic person.
It feels like so long 'til I get to see Vincent again.
I've become more open
To welcoming love and help.
I believe I am learning about humility.
Frédérick joined the firm in two thousand and three.
The Indigo Pyjamas will be ready to rinse at 7 PM.
The End.
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