Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Monday, 31 July 2017

Dear Vincent, Are you lonely? Do you have a pain body?

Dear Vincent,

Are you lonely?
Do you have a pain body?
I think almost
has a Pain Body.
And I’m pretty sure that
is lonely.

Everyone knows what loneliness is. As for the Pain Body, this happens when some circumstance or event triggers your deep human wounds, and then you feel like a four-year-old child whose ice cream has fallen off the cone. Some people’s pain bodies are exceptionally persistent and stubborn, and this makes it difficult to keep their weeping delicate in the Dollarama line-up where they might be buying vinegar, or envelopes, or shiny ocean animal stickers for their ten-year-old pen pal named Lucas who once wrote, “I don’t have brothers or sisters. I have autism.”

For the future, me and my friend Paul predict that Extreme Loneliness and Extreme Social Awkwardness will permeate the whole world. Much of this is due to smart phones and ghosting and a lack of face-to-face contact. The other Universal Predicaments of existence are Horny, Hungry, and Tired.
My sense is
that Awkward
will also get to be
a Universal Predicament.
And so there are five universal predicaments.
Lonely, Horny, Hungry, Tired, and Awkward.
Yesterday, I met with all five of the Universal Predicaments.
Plus a pain body that made it rather strenuous to keep my weeping delicate in the Dollarama line-up where I was buying vinegar, envelopes and shiny ocean animal stickers for my ten-year-old pen pal named Lucas who does not have brothers or sisters, but has autism .
Lonely, Horny, Hungry, Tired, and Awkward.
We have no idea if you – Vincent – are suffering from the Universal Predicaments, and if so, which ones, and what kind of Pain Body is making it hard for you to keep your weeping delicate in the Dollarama line-up.
Or maybe you are buying toothpaste at Jean Coutu,
or grapes at the fruiterie,
or cider or vodka
or whatever’s on sale at the SAQ.  
Nobody knows. The Real Vincent does not write back.
Today is my twelfth
Without Vincent.
I think I sound more
Obsessed with you
Than I actually am,
though I do sound very Obsessed.
So far today, I have only wept once, and mostly this weeping was delicate.
Love, Erica.

The End.

Vincent was my therapist from October of 2016, and May 2017. After we ran out of subsidized sessions, I began to write him daily imaginary emails. I called the project, "Mondays without Vincent," and it turned out to be quite healing. You too can write imaginary emails to Vincent. In fact, if you'd like, you can send them to me, on any day of the week.

My secret address is: ericaschmidt85(at)

Let me know if you’d like a response. The correspondence can remain between us, or else we can share it here with others and maybe it could be healing for everyone. Love, Erica. 

Inspiration equals: Bliss & Grit.

I listened to Bliss & Grit last night while cleaning someone else's glass surfaces.
Probably coulda helped at the beginning of the day
that did not see me weep
very delicately.
Bliss & Grit on Facebook
Episode 35: Pain Bodies in Action
Brooke Thomas is still quite delightful
even when she feels like a Debbie Downer.
Both Brooke and  Vanessa are delightful.
I forgot about the term
Debbie Downer and now remember
that I love it.
Thank you for your podcast, Bliss and Grit!

Debbie Downer
Pain Body
Picture for the Internet
July 30, 2017

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Professional Depressed
Dear Vincent, Sorrowful Simon has written you a letter.
Today is Holy Thursday and I'm having a Holy Hell of a time meditating.

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