Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Thursday, 1 September 2011

"How I feel about Kino Macgregor" or "Cosmic Love to Kino MacGregor's Thighs"

There has been a recent uproar of criticism of Kino MacGregor.  It seems as though Ashtangi Bloggers are maxing out on their one-percent theory.  Remember folks, ninety-nine percent practice, ONE percent theory.  One Percent.  I’m pretty sure Guruji didn’t mean for this theory to include your analysis on someone else’s short shorts.  But if we must talk about short shorts, I have a few things to say about this.  Kino has at least three reasons to wear the hot little shorts that she wears.  So here we go:  Un, deux, trois; Ekam Dwi, Trini; Insert your favourite language, (knowing that Sanskrit is definitely the superior choice):

1. Miami is hot.
2. Kino’s legs are hot
3. It is much harder to perform arm balances when you’re wearing shorts and your legs are all sweaty. 
“Cosmic Love to Kino MacGregor’s thighs.”
Kino in Bakasana
As everyone knows, your practice is an offering to the Supreme Divine Brahman.  If you require the traction of long Lululemon pants to get into Bakasana, well, everyone knows what that says about your Supreme Divine Offering.  If you’re lucky, no obnoxious blogger will say anything about it.  I say, “Cosmic Love to Kino MacGregor’s thighs.”

The Blogosphere has been particularly critical of the trailer to the TV show, “The Yoga Girls of Miami.”  The show was supposed to delve into the inner workings of the yoga studio, “Miami Life Center,” run by “yoga master” Kino MacGregor and a team of attractive and charismatic ladies.  The Highly Evolved Ashtangis of the Blogosphere have accused this video of being vain, flakey, self-inflating and excessively commercial.  Certainly, the tone of the trailer isn’t as down-to-earth as Kino’s wonderful articles and the audio podcasts of her excellent workshops.  But let us remember that this sort of thing is often scripted.  That is to say, Kino is probably not a self-proclaimed “yoga master.”  And even if she is, we all know that yoga is about Loving the Self.  As my grandmother, an extremely advanced yoga practitioner, regularly repeats, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will.”  So toot away, Kino.  Toot away.  In any case, I feel like Kino’s underlying intention was to attract a more diverse audience, including tweens and entirely un-spiritual people who pollute their higher selves with corrupt indulgences such as reality television.  In all honesty, I’m pretty sure that if the show hadn’t been cancelled due to the malicious online feedback, I would have watched it religiously.  I’m okay with this fact, since honesty is one of the sought-after ethical precepts of the Ashtanga Yoga system.  I’ve got it in the bag.  Thanks be to God.  And to Kino.
Harsh judgment is also being passed about Kino’s Youtube channel. Here, Kino futures enlightening videos on how to access elusive asanas such as Marychasana D, Kapotasana, Scorpion Handstand, and my personal nemesis, Karandavasana.  If Kino were truly the egomaniac that bloggers are calling her, she would demonstrate these postures on her own, inserting cocky comments about your, the viewer’s, inability to honour the supreme divine Brahman by grabbing your ankles or maintaining your uddhiyana bandha.  As it is, Kino features models of all shapes and sizes, and remains extremely light-hearted and empathetic in her explanations of each posture presented in the videos.  I’m both a yoga teacher and Ashtanga practitioner, and to be honest once again, I find the videos to be rather useful.  Some of us don’t have the cash to fly around and follow Senior Ashtanga teachers on their international tours.  One day I hope to become an un-kept woman and meet Kino MacGregor in person.  But for now, I heart Youtube. 

My one-percent theory of the day is probably up, so I won’t go on for much longer.  However, I believe that as yogis who strive towards peace and compassion, we should be as generous in our thoughts and words, as Kino MacGregor is in her sharing of Ashtanga Yoga.
The End. 

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  1. Hi. I have found Kino's videos on "how to do" poses very helpful as well as the podcasts of her workshops. I think she is very generous to share her knowledge and I am very grateful.I heart you tube and itunes too!

  2. I agree with you! I think focusing on hot pants tells more about people who spend their time talking about them than the person actually wearing it.

  3. Oh my gosh. I know this is 2 years old, but i am giggling like crazy: "As everyone knows, your practice is an offering to the Supreme Divine Brahman. If you require the traction of long Lululemon pants to get into Bakasana, well, everyone knows what that says about your Supreme Divine Offering." Funny lady you are!

  4. Ha! Thank you Katty. And thanks to all of you for stopping by!

  5. I was at her workshop in Goa a few years ago and I did not even notice that her shorts were tiny until someone mentioned it to me - some people should really get a life!

  6. Hi, I also just found your blog through the Uncaged Life. Love this article (even though it's a couple years old). I am going to go read more!

  7. Cool! Thanks for reading and commenting! Happy New Year!

  8. Just discovered yoga a year ago, and kino a few months ago. Didn't even know the were yoga hating bloggers. How disheartening. I love her. Great article.

  9. The "haters" just exposes their own attachments :-)

  10. Anyone who is a serious practitioner will recognize the work Kino has done on egolessness as part of the practice. She isn't just a flexible side shoe act with a nice butt and pretty face. If someone is unable to see past the superficial external, then they are not practicing and have no ground from which to judge someone else's merit on a spiritual path. I'm not even on the same path as Kino (I'm a Vajrayana Buddhist), but it only takes a few minutes of listening to the woman speak to understand her dedication to her path. And about the shorts... She wears them because that's what she is comfortable wearing. Nothing else needs to be said.