Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Performative Love Letters


Dear Erica,
Yard work is among your many gifts.
Love, Erica.

Someone even gave me a t. shirt for my efforts. It is so me.

Me and the Hedgeclippers in I Let Go

Dear Erica,
Your walking pursuits are legendary. Way to draw those femur bones back. Walking all over the place is excellent for your pelvis, your relationship to the earth, and your connection to the people around you. Congratulations on your astounding commitment to walking. Well done. You could totally make it as a people walker, or a dog walker. Or a ferret walker, if you didn’t hate ferrets. Also, your fashion sense is impeccable.

Have a wonderful day,
Love, Erica.
Fabulous Fashion sense, Erica. You could totally make it as a People Walker.
Dear Erica,

You are truly a delight to hang out with at airports. The posture you maintain while carrying your light and meticulously packed luggage is spectacular. With great generosity, you offer love and compassion to those who may not be as unfrazzled and smug as you are. You make a wonderful travel buddy and airports are lucky to have you.
Love, Erica.
Unfrazzled and Smug at the Goa Airport


Dear Erica,
Perhaps your powerful emotions have given you a hard time, but you are learning to make space for them in the most healing and genuine way you know how. It was generous, creative and brace of you to invent Performative Crying in Alleys. It is beautiful to see you try to seek truth and wisdom from how you feel. This process will help wake you up, and it will hopefully inspire the rest of the world to be more honest.

Love, Erica.
Performative Crying in Alleys
Dear Erica,

People always say, "I have never met anyone like you," and they are right. You are precious and interesting and irreplaceable. This doesn't mean that you need to be full of yourself, but try to have a fun time with the unique person you've become. No one else has the exact same passion for Butt Club, Ocean Invertebrate Personalities or Performative Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. The phrases and ideas that enter and exit your brain are original, creative and often rather amusing. Perhaps you don’t always say exactly the right thing, but you win points for honesty. Being so open is liberating for the people around you. You do not need to apologize for who you are. Be unapologetic. You are not a broken disaster and your life is not a series of mistakes. Although just being you is enough of a purpose, one day you will figure out the purpose you seek. Don’t give up.

Love, Erica.

What Ocean Invertebrate Personality Are You?

There is no one else like you.
The End.

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Performative Grilled Cheese
The O's in the Tôtô have Hats
Five Days of Creative Recovery

I Let Go, by Erica J. Schmidt

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