Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Monday, 27 July 2015

Soothing Face Creams, Mushrooms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hiatus, Sex Pamphlet, Anemone, New Interview, Baby, Bunion, (Epi)Dermis

Friends and Fans!
Someone is paying money to do things. The things are:

-Translating relatively riveting sentences about soothing face creams. I am learning all about free radicals, atopic dermatitis and Vitamin A.

-Translating relatively riveting sentences about electrostatics, mushrooms, photosynthesis and rocks.

So the blog will be taking a short hiatus.

As long as I don't give myself carpal tunnel syndrome, when I return, you can look forward to:

-A Pamphlet about how even if within the first five minutes of meeting you, I tell you all about my orgasms, threesomes and rolled up duvets, we probably still shouldn't have sex. It is hard to get out of the sexual realm. One way is to write letters. Or spend a week with your mother. Or have an elaborate discussion about people's Ocean Invertebrate Personalities. I did that yesterday on the bus. Just as I predicted, the guy beside me felt like he was very much a Brooding Anemone, but his score made him a Royal Starfish. This happens more often than you might think. The guy was a psychology student and so it was nice of him to give my quiz a chance. 
Brooding Anemone. I've had a thing for you since childhood.
Ocean Invertebrate Personality Quiz

-An Asking People About Your Lives Segment with Shelley Fillipoff. Shelley was my beloved grade six French immersion teacher. On November 28,  2013, her beautiful daughter Emma mysteriously disappeared. I had the privilege of carrying out a heartwrenching and truly riveting interview with Shelley last Wednesday. I can't wait to put it all together.
(UPDATE! It's ready! Here's the first segment: Where is Emma Fillipoff (ONE))
In the meantime, you can watch the haunting Fifth Estate episode about the search for Emma Fillipoff. There were a few fact problems that Shelley wanted to clarify, but it is still worth the watch. Please note that contrary to what it says in the video, Emma and Shelley were not at all estranged during the year before Emma went missing.  The details regarding Emma's parents' divorce were also somewhat misleading. 
Emma Fillipoff
Watch the Fifth Estate: Finding Emma
(It's also on Youtube)

Help Find Emma Fillipoff on Facebook
Anyways, do check all this out for yourself. Thanks for your help and loyalty.
In Other News:
In case you were wondering, Matt Wiviott's partner who happens to be my dearest friend gave birth on Thursday. The baby is quite adorable from what I can see on Facebook.
My mother's bunion turned out fine.
Epidermis and Dermis, A Draft
The skin’s surface layer no longer regenerates as quickly. As it thickens, our complexion becomes dull.
Our fibroblasts, which produce our dermal fibers begin to weaken. The dermis’s elastin and collagen levels decrease, resulting in a slight loss of firmness.
The End. 
Selfie with Corn, in Perth Ontario

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Mother's Bunion
Asking Matt Wiviott About His Life
Yours Til Ekam Inhales

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