Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Monday, 10 September 2012

Family Visits and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Family visits destroy my creativity, and exacerbate my Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Here are some Narcissistic photos of me, my sister and my mother.  The Boatman and the Big Black Dog also make appearances.  How could I leave them out?  Especially the Big Black Dog.  He is an incredibly talented narcissist. 

Me and my narcissistic dog.

Me, Sister, Mother

Same as above. Sister and Mother have more creative faces than I do. Recall that they destroyed my creativity during their visit. I forgive them.

At the Beach. Sister displays impressive pipes. The day before this photo was taken, she attended my Core Strength Yoga Class. The core strength radiated to her biceps. I must be an extremely effective yoga teacher.

Take Two, At the Beach. Sister throws her head back and the result is quite flattering.

Sister and Boatman were the first ones in the water. They celebrate their victories with Humility and Gratitude.

Mother and I did not win. We are baffled with Defeat.

The Icy Water's Aftermath. 

 Mother. Quite good-looking.

 Boatman plays the Cozy Hero.

Sister and I pose gracefully by a boat.

Sister graces the grocery store parking lot with her Salmon on Salmon attire.  Note the salmon knapsack as well.  And the toe point.

(Doesn't this remind you of the Boatman's Friend "Salmon Pants."  His name used to be Radislov, and he always wore salmon pants.  Then he went to an art show where the walls were  salmon and alas, his legs disappeared.  Learn all about  Mr. Salmon Pants and more at the Boatman's website

Now, back to being narcissistic.


Me and Big Black Dog, following a Mysterious Space.
Like me, the Big Black Dog misses mother and sister now that they are gone.  Unlike me, this morning the Big Black Dog had hemorrhoids and diarrhea.  Both of those words are very difficult to spell.  They contain more r's than you might think.
Curious, isn't it?
I think this is the end of my prolific display of narcissism.

I hope that my creativity returns soon.
The End.

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