Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Holy Thursday.

Some yogis write about the way stars align.
Maybe I can do that tomorrow.
But today I am writing about what Jesus might have done over 2000 years ago.
And now all the Catholics are doing it.
Washing each other's feet.

I am not Catholic, I am vegetarian.
However, once upon a time I went to Catholic mass twice a week.
It was part of my job, but maybe deep down I wanted to be Catholic too.
This desire didn't work out. 
I didn't make a collage about it, and so the dream didn't come true.

The first time I was at a foot washing service,
I was astounded
and thought there was some mistake. 
Apparently, the disciples were also astounded.
They say that's what Jesus was going for.  The big shock.  Shock and awe. He was adamant.
And he had good bandhas.

There are many impressive stories about Jesus.
Water to wine,
Eyes for the blind,
Curing the leper.  (Pattabhi Jois did that too!)
But maybe the most important thing Jesus ever showed us was to stay low to the ground.
And not for you, for someone else.
Stay low to the ground,
And you can be a little like God.

The End.

Notes from 2016:

I don’t remember being so vocal about God back then.
 I don’t remember a moment when I suddenly felt less convinced about God.
And ended up talking about God less.
How do I feel about God now? I’m not sure.
Probably I still agree with staying low to the ground for someone else.

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