Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Karma is Simple: Haikus for People Who Like Counting syllables

Now it is 2016. I am giving the blog a mini makeover.
Although the simplicity of Karma is up for debate, I still love haikus, so this one made the cut.
Karma is Simple, Haikus by Erica J. Schmidt
Karma is simple.
Scratch your head and dandruff falls.
Flakes on your shoulders.

 Karma is simple. 
Drink, pee.  Eat, pooh.  Sex, herpes.
Fall, break.  Onion Breath.

Karma is simple.
Call yourself a piece of shit,
You won't feel awesome.

Jesus brought great news,
But he's not the Karmic boss.
Karma hates bosses.

Karma's on Facebook.
You can give it a thumbs up.
Become Karma's fan.

Crucify, redeem.
Karma does both these things.
Between flakes and gold.
The End.
Karma is simple.
Feet in Ganga, feet get cold.
Smile anyway.
-Rishakesh, 2015
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