Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Professional, Depressed

My strength in life is not
ignoring any part
of myself.

If anyone’s low on self-awareness,
it seems I’ve got plenty to spare.

The mourning and wailing cannot be postponed any longer.
Neither can the mopping,
that was merely
wishful thinking.

The truth is
I rarely put off
any of it.
Not the mourning,
not the wailing,
not the mopping.
They say I am quite
an industrious person.

stands for
Sensitive New Age Guy.
These have been around for decades.

But I invented SNAPS
Sensitive New Age Parties
Where birthday girls
sit in their decorative bathtubs
and await bless-ed rose petal showers,
as cellos sing
and guests gorge on Manifested Desserts,
and from SNAG to SNAW
(Sensitive New Age Woman),
I reverberate like
an awkward anxious monkey.

The best part about SNAPS
is I get to recount
that a SNAG
at the SNAP
graced me with his promise
of life
after being
an awkward anxious monkey.

Even for
the peripheral
people like me.
Hardwired to cleaning other people’s refrigerators
And bathtubs.
Also, lending themselves to other people’s husbands.
Also, Professional Depression.

Way up in the sky,
It looks like spring.
My body recoils,
ashamed it will not
live up to the promise.

My sleeves still feel damp
from yesterday’s rain.
I am not very good
at cutting off parts
of myself.

The End.
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