Clean and Elegant

Clean and Elegant

Friday, 7 July 2017

What does it mean to be home

What does it mean to be to be home

Three things I've never excelled at are
Lighting matches,
Cooking and
Opening locks with keys,
Even the right ones.

Dear Vincent,
I am moving.
I wish you'd been around 
to affirm this decision.
Love, Erica.

One thing I've never excelled at is
Closing the cupboard doors
After I use them.

Rain is merciless.
The squirrels must be sleeping
Or else hiding.

These days I'm choosing to be
More hungry than
I need to be.
And more worried
But just as honest.

One thing I do not excel at is
Not telling you
I wish I had
5.25 boyfriends,
Seven fathers
and that my eleventh therapist's name was Vincent
I kind of adored him.

Dear Vincent,
These days I'm trying to teach myself
to fall asleep on the floor.
That way you never need anything
Or anyone.
They say that after a while
the floor will start to get mouldy
as long as
you keep leaving
it'll be fine.
Love, Erica.

Rain is merciless.
I am not excelling at
My usual routines.
So many things
once occurred before breakfast.
This is how
I'm like the squirrels
if not like
Margaret Atwood.

What does it mean to be home.

Dear Vincent,
I am moving.
I wish you'd been around
to affirm this decision.
I have no idea if the squirrels feel at home.
My sense is they
are hungrier
than I am
but less worried.
Rain is merciless.
I do not use umbrellas but
it looks like the kind of day when
you might need one.
Love, Erica.

The End.
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What does it mean to be well
We have no idea if the squirrels are happy. Or/if anyone is.
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  1. These letters make me feel peaceful and that's a rare feeling for me. Thank you for allowing me to stumble into them